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May 12, 2021 

Dear 8th Grade Families,

We are excited to share with you the upcoming activities for 8th grade and for our in-person graduation at Perigot Park.  This has been an extremely trying time, and we deeply appreciate your care, kindness, and understanding.

Let’s begin with some changes to our 8th grade schedule.  We really want to be able to bring the class together as a whole instead of in the AM/PM model for specific days and activities.  We are also hoping our Distance Learner students can join us during our planned activities and alternate schedule. We will continue to practice all safety guidelines. Here is a chart to help clarify dates, times, and events.




May 17-21

AM/PM/Distance Learning Schedule

Status Quo Schedule & Events

May 24

AM/PM/Distance Learning Schedule

Last Zoom Sessions for 2nd Step, Music, Library, and Spanish

May 25-28

AM/PM/Distance Learning Schedule

State Testing/CAASPP

Distance Learners may come to campus.

Please call the office to arrange which session your student is available to participate in. 

May 31

No School

Memorial Day

June 1

AM/PM/Distance Learning Schedule

June 2

All 8th graders 8:30am-2:30pm

Field Trip: Tentatively: Zoo/Skywalk/Sequoia Park

Field Trip slip to follow

Students will be taking the bus.

Only students and staff may attend. 

June 3

All 8th graders 8:30am-2:30pm

Field Trip: Tentatively: Bear River Activity Center

Field Trip slip to follow

Students will be taking the bus.

Only students and staff may attend. 

June 4

AM/PM/Distance Learning Schedule

Must attend to participate in night event

Movie Night & FlashLight Tag

Students will arrive at 6pm for a night of movies and games.

Pizza, snacks, treats, and drinks will be provided.

Event ends at Midnight.  

Families must arrange for students to be picked-up

Only students and staff may attend. 

June 7

All 8th graders 8:30am-2:30pm

Students please bring your graduation shoes for rehearsal practice. 

Meeting at the gym

Walking to Perigot Park

Field Trip slip to follow

Practicing graduation procedures

June 8

All 8th graders 8:30am-2:30pm

Students please bring your graduation shoes for rehearsal practice. 

Meeting at the gym

Walking to Perigot Park

Field Trip slip to follow

Practicing graduation procedures

June 9

All 8th graders 8:30am-11:00am. 

Students please bring your graduation shoes for rehearsal practice. 

All 8th graders meet at Prasch Hall @ 5pm.  

Meeting at Prasch Hall & Pick-up at Prasch Hall

Field Trip slip to follow

Finalizing graduation procedures

Meet at Prasch Hall at 5pm

Time together to reflect and be together

Final discussion regarding graduation ceremony

June 10

All 8th graders 8:30am-11:00am

Meet at gym/Last Day of 8th Grade.

Sun &  Summer Fun!  


We are ecstatic to be able to come together in-person for the graduation ceremony.   See the chart below for graduation details.

Let’s prepare for a fun and festive celebration!  We are overjoyed with anticipation with coming together to celebrate.


June 9, 2021


  • Student drop-off at 5pm at Prasch Hall

  • Families seating begins at 5:30pm

  • Ceremony begins at 6:00pm


Perigot Park/Chartin Rd side of the park


Drop-off on South Railroad Avenue/Prasch Hall side of the park @ 5pm


Park in the designated areas on the Chartin Road side of Perigot Park


Families may begin seating at 5:30

Families are required to sit together in designated and preassigned areas

Please fill-out this form for attendance and seating. 


Graduating student and up to four family members may attend the ceremony


All graduation guests will be required to complete and pass a health screening before entering the seating area. Guests must not have a fever, COVID symptoms unrelated to allergies, or recently been exposed to COVID.


We will not require proof of vaccination. If you suspect you might have COVID or you were exposed to COVID, please do not attend the graduation.


Paul Swenson will be taking photos of each graduate as they proceed to their seats and when they receive their diploma. There will be a photo with and without their masks. Families will not be allowed to move from their seated area during the ceremony for pictures. 


  • Students are required to wear semi-formal attire. 

  • Students may wear hats at the conclusion of the ceremony.

  • Clothing must be without logos

  • Collared shirts or shirt/ ties

  • Pants are required to be full-length/No shorts

  • Clothing may not show the mid-drift/middle section/stomach area.

  • Clothing may not be see-through, show cleavage or expose one's bottom area. 

  • Shoes should be comfortable. Students should practice wearing any new shoes or shoes with high heels prior to the ceremony.  Students should bring their shoes on June 7, 8, and 9 during rehearsal.


The set-up will provide sanitation and social distancing to allow for all presenters/speakers to remove their mask while speaking. 


All graduating students will receive corsages/ boutonnieres before the ceremony from PTO. 


A wonderful slideshow will be put together of our 8th graders and presented during the ceremony. Please provide baby pictures of your student asap to  or  


A video will be taken of the ceremony and will be made available, if requested.


Graduating students will be provided a poster and are to create a board about themselves. The poster board must be the board we provide to create uniform dimensions. However, we look forward to the uniqueness of each board exemplifying our student individuality.  The poster board should contain pictures of the student up to 8th grade. It is meant to capture their early years/elementary years: include baby pictures, family pictures, pets, sporting events, art pieces,and/ or any items that reflect something about the student. Make it a family project.  Use it as a great opportunity to spend time celebrating your child and reflecting. 

Posters are due by June 7th.  Posters will be displayed for sharing and family viewing after the ceremony and before the parade. The poster will then be taken down to be used during the ceremony. 


After the ceremony, we will have a parade around Blue Lake to let the community share in the festivities.  Families are encouraged to spend the time between dropping off students (5pm) and being seated (5:30pm) to park and decorate their vehicles for the parade. Make it fun!

REMINDER: Please send baby pictures to  or   as soon as possible. 

REMINDER: Please also take the attendance and seating form. 

As always, “We are Mustang Strong, and definitely  Mustang Proud!”

Please call or email with any questions, comments, concerns, or need clarity.


DeAnn Waldvogel


School # 707-668-5674 Work Cell# 707-498-7615